We believe that deep authentic relationships using Jesus’ discipleship method builds a sense of community. In turn, that community develops an openness for desiring change, which moves people towards healthy responses and choices.

Find hope and healing when life is hard.
When people face the difficulty and complexity of living in a fallen and broken world and experience various kinds of counseling problems and disorders, we walk with them, care for them, and help them apply biblical truths of God’s to their specific struggles.

We provide biblically-based and clinically informed counseling.

Biblically-based counseling asserts the truth found in God’s Word is where we find help and hope to resolve the hardships and struggles that cause distress.

Clinically-informed counseling addresses how our minds and bodies were created by God in our experience of human distress.

We Serve - Individuals, Teens, Families, and Couples

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Ways to Serve

There are many opportunities to serve in each of our Restoration ministries.
See how the gifts and abilities God has given you, will fit into our existing needs.

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We have a list of great books that can help you along your journey to recovery.